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Toon Tutorials
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Welcome to Toon Tutorials! A tutorial community solely dedicated to cartoon, anime & CG icons. We welcome icon makers of all skills, from beginner to pro and those who wish to enlighten their poor deprived souls (hehe). Tutorials for other graphics such as; headers, wallpapers, are also accepted.

This community was created after i (dark_sephy) got bored of having to search through tons of tutorials over at icon_tutorial trying to find a tutorial i could use, because more often then not they're Real Life icon tutorials.

Mods may delete any post without warning if they deem it necessary.

Tutorials Accepted:
Icon tutorials based on Cartoons (ex: disney), Anime (ex: naruto) & Computer Graphics (ex: final fantasy). NOW ALSO ACCEPTING: Advent Children, Manga & Comic Book icon tutorials =)

Tutorials Not Accepted:
Stock icons (ex: flowers), Celebrity icons (ex: paris hilton), Drama (ex: csi). I think you get the basic jist of it. Those type of tutorials are more at home over at icon_tutorial.

When Posting A Question:
Remember to put what program you're using (ex: ps7), as it saves the hassle of having to ask.

Having an example of what effect you wish to achieve always helps, it isn't a necessity, more like a helpful tip.

Please write in clear readable English. If English is not your 1st language then just try your best, what more can we ask for? Of course if English is your 1st language and you simply refuse to write clearly, then we'll simply delete your post.

Any images over 200 x 200pixels, or more then 3 100 x 100pixel icons, please put it behind a cut. Don't know how to? Read here.

If you forgot something in your post, do not make a new post, simply edit it.

Please do not request icons or post your own icons here, as this is not that type of community!

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Mods: dark_sephy regen themisticstar

Guidelines are subject to change!