dark_sephy (dark_sephy) wrote in toon_tutorials,

Announcement; Huge Tutorial List!

Hello all! dark_sephy here just to say i've sorted out the memories =D Although not in the usual way. I've decided to do one of those snazzy example tables, where each icon links back to the tutorial! It took a while, and some of the links go back to the same page (so 2 tutorials on one page), and there's one tiny thing that i gota sort out, but for now it's done! 60 tutorials so far people lavaliere you tutorial whore you =D lol (you'll notice there's 61 links though, that's the tiny problem lol), we're doing well!! Let's get some more in!

This is obviously image heavy, so for those of you who have dial up i do apologize =( I will eventually sort out the memories, but only once i know how i want it sorted out.

Ohh, one more thing, toon_tutorials now has over 200 members!! Yay =D So as a lil gift, you can pick 1 icon that i have made (badlydrawnicons) and i'll attempt a tutorial =) Of course if i get 20 people asking for completely different tutorials i'll have to shorten it to a couple, but hey, i'll try my best lol!

______unwritten __darkdreaming abigail abigail alexielnet
anagram42 anterogradenova anterogradenova boutique arahyacinth
iron bentfire bentfire blooming_cosmo blooming_cosmo
dark_sephy urbanism frakalakalaka frakalakalaka lavaliere
lavaliere lavaliere lavaliere lavaliere lavaliere
oversoul oversoul m1ch1ru m1ch1ru m1ch1ru
miruchu miruchu miruchu mmrobitussin moonstone_icons
moonstone_icons moonstone_icons myrasis pichus_paradise pichus_paradise
nabreus nabreus nabreus regen bolshevists
snm_queen snm_queen snm_queen spottedtail spottedtail
spottedtail spottedtail sushiwitch asthma asthma
asthma the_loved_one tainee tainee tainee
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