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Simple Colouring Joey Tutorial

Go from: to:

I used PS7 to make this icon, but it should translate pretty easy =P Questions welcomed.

Check the layer table

Well start out with your base, touch up the little things, like sharpen it, get rid of all those horrible grainy things by smudging etc. This is what i started out with.
Get a new layer & flood fill it with #ECD6AF and then set that to Soft Light.
Get another layer & flood fill that with #113067 and set to Exclusion.
Duplicate the peach/cream colour, drag it to the top & set that to Pin Light 15%. You should now have something similar to this. Ugly? Yes. Don't worry, we'll sort that out.
Duplicate your base, drag it to the top & set that to Soft Light. Now Desaturate it. Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.
Duplicate that new layer and Gaussian Blur it by 0.4pixels, keep it set to Soft Light. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
Now click the ying/yang circle thing which i've squared off in red. Now click Hue/Saturation, but don't actually change the settings. Simply set that layer to Hard Light 30%.
Duplicate the orginal base, drag it to the top & set that to Soft Light 25%. Now to blur it at 0.4pixels again. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
Now take this texture (credit goes to dearest ?) and set it to Color Burn, and tada! Your done! Of course you may add text or whatever.
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